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Light burned magnesium powder is an important refractory material

2020-01-02 16:06:30

Light burned magnesium powder is an important refractory light burned powder

Lightly burned magnesium oxide powder is a kind of raw material lightly burned magnesium powder with medium alkalinity chemical activity. It is also used in other industrial fields in addition to refractory gelling materials. In addition, the development of converter slag splashing furnace protection technology has further expanded the application range of lightly burned magnesium oxide powder. At present, the slag splashing furnace protection technology mostly uses lightly burned magnesium oxide powder into balls, including lightly burned magnesium oxide powder balls, carbon-containing lightly burned magnesium oxide sub-balls carbon-containing calcium-containing lightly burned magnesium oxide powder balls.

Lightly burned magnesium oxide powder, referred to as lightly burned magnesium powder, is a kind of activated magnesium oxide obtained by calcining magnesium hydroxide extracted magnesite, brucite seawater brine at about 800 ~ 1000 ℃. The lightly burned magnesium powder is light yellow light brown powder, the particle size is mostly below 100 mesh, the perovskite crystal is very small, the density is 3.07 ~ 3.22g / cm3, the lattice constant is large, the lattice defects are many, the texture is crisp, Porous structure, great reactivity, easy to carry out solid phase reaction sintering, generate Mg (OH) 2 with water harden, with bonding ability.


Selecting the calcination method controlling the light burning temperature are important means to obtain good activity. As the calcination temperature increases, the specific surface area of MgO decreases significantly. When the temperature is greater than 1000 ° C, the recrystallization speed of MgO increases, the degree of dispersion drops sharply, the activity becomes poor. Using different calcination methods calcination equipment at the same temperature is also an important factor affecting the activity of MgO. If it is calcined by a boiling furnace a suspension furnace, it can be quickly decomposed in an instant, active light-burned magnesium oxide powder can be obtained. The use of large kilns in tunnel kilns reflection kilns, long calcination time, will often cause over-burning of the surface internal burning, which will reduce the activity of lightly burned magnesium oxide powder. The rotary kiln is used to calcine the granular magnesite, the situation is somewhere in between, which can also keep the lightly burned magnesia powder maintain good activity.

1 The weight of each batch of finished products is greater than 120 t.

2 Samples for particle size determination should be sampled before the batch, samples for chemical analysis should be sampled after the batch. One small sample (25kg) is taken for every 20 bags one large sample is taken for every big bag (1000kg).

After thoroughly mixing the obtained particle size samples, take 10 ~ 20g to determine the particle size. After mixing, the test sample was reduced to 200g sent to the laboratory for analysis.

3 If any chemical composition is unqualified abnormal in the inspection result, double the number of samples in the same batch of product shall be taken again for re-inspection.



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