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Lightly burned magnesium powder lifts the backbone of economic development

2020-01-02 16:06:30

Light burned magnesium powder industry

On the road of sustainable development, Dashiqiao City places the sustainable development of lightly burnt magnesium powder as an important position, fully utilizes its own advantages, insists on being guided by technological innovation, scientifically formulates development plans, encourages technological innovation, improves guiding policies Implement major projects, optimize the development environment, promote industrial technological progress development, thereby realizing the transformation resource advantages to economic advantages. In the index evaluation of the national sustainable development experimental zone, the magnesium industry development accounted for more than 60% of the share.

It is well-known for its rich magnesium resources, it is one of the world ’s “four major magnesium mines”. The main direction of attack. Therefore, the sustainable development strategy of magnesium industry based on resource advantages was first implemented.

The technological advantage characterized by the combination of industry, university research institutes to build a technological innovation system for the light burned magnesium powder industry


In promoting the development of the magnesium industry, Dashiqiao City has given full play to the important role of scientific technological support. Through the combination of industry, academia research, it has attracted wisdom for the sustainable development of the magnesium industry. The Dashiqiao Municipal Committee the Municipal Government have established comprehensive scientific technological cooperative relations with Beijing University of Science Technology, Beijing Iron Steel Research Institute, Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University, etc. Eleven experts including Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Ou Jinping Duan Xue are strategic consultants for the development of science technology of the Dashiqiao Municipal Government, jointly established the Magnesium Materials Research Institute with Northeastern University to actively build a platform for technological cooperation technology transfer for enterprises. At present, 240 companies in Dashiqiao City have established long-term technical cooperation relations with universities, scientific research institutes large domestic foreign enterprise groups, including 168 magnesium industry production, research research alliance enterprises.

The Dashiqiao Municipal Party Committee Municipal Government also encourage enterprises to introduce train high-level scientific technological innovation talents, establish enterprises school-enterprise cooperative scientific research institutions, strengthen international technical economic exchanges cooperation, comprehensively improve the technical equipment level of the magnesium industry. At present, more than 150 foreign-funded enterprises in Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan other countries regions have settled in the "China Magnesium Capital". The magnesium material industry has embarked on an international development path, its precision processing capabilities have reached international advanced The level of automatic monitoring of ultra-high temperature tunnel kilns, intelligent handling manipulators, hydraulic brick making machines, fully automatic numerical control magnesia carbon brick production lines 10,000-ton hydraulic machines other sophisticated processing production equipment ranks first in the world.



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