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Electric furnace bottom ramming material

Electric furnace bottom ramming material

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Brief description of the ramming material for the bottom of the electric furnace:

The electric furnace bottom ramming material is MgO-CaO-Fe2O3 series synthetic sand produced by using magnesite  other raw materials,  adopting precise synthetic processing technology. The material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance  easy sintering,  is suitable for high power  ultra high power. Thousands of knots at the bottom of ordinary power electric furnaces.

Use method of ramming material for electric furnace bottom:

After building the permanent floor of the furnace bottom, lay the furnace bottom with ramming material. When laying, pay attention  to cause particle size segregation as much as possible. The thickness of the material should be about 150mm at a time. The thickness of the material at the bottom of the furnace should be greater than 400mm. Afterwards, a layer of iron plate is laid on the material surface to protect the bottom of the furnace  being smashed during charging.

The first two furnaces for tamping the bottom of the furnace are in the sintering period. During this period, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the bottom of the furnace.

Physical  chemical indicators:





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