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Tundish magnesium paint

Tundish magnesium paint

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     The coating is an alkaline light-weight material with good spreading performance, low thermal conductivity, low heat loss,  high strength; there is no cracking  shedding during the baking process. It is easy to use, resistant to molten steel  molten slag,  easy to disintegrate.


      Used for continuous casting tundish work lining.


Apply by hand  spray.

1. The tundish is lined for a long time before being coated with work liner, it needs to be preheated to 50-100 ℃.

2. Smear thickness; 40 ± 5mm at the bottom  35 ± 5mm at the wall.

3. Bake in the tundish, use a small fire to bake for more than 35 hours, the inner surface temperature reaches 1200 ± 50 ℃.

Physical  chemical indicators:





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